Antoinne is a multi-faceted designer and principal at La Marr Studio based in Southwest Atlanta, whose work encompasses strategy, design, and technology. His projects include the design of brand identity, websites and web products, user interfaces, printed matter, and packaging. His personal design narrative draws inspiration from acoustic jazz culture, and American urban skate, surf, and street culture. He enjoys translating words, visual representation, space, time, and behaviors into humxn experiences. He believes design is not only a solution but also the intent to facilitate relationships to achieve objectives.

Antoinne is a Gen Xer born in Detroit and raised in Los Angeles. He earned his graphic design foundation at ArtCenter College of Design and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design from Earnest G. Welch School of Art and Design at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

He began his career as a designer at Giovanni Bianco Studio 65 in New York City. Past work experiences include Gilt Groupe—the fastest growing e-commerce startup during its time, Spotify—one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and Bitpay—the longest remaining bitcoin startup and payment processor. In 2012, his work at Gilt was awarded a Brand Innovators Award. In addition to design, he’s also crafting
roasted specialty coffee to achieve the “perfect” cup at Inkwell Coffee Roasters 🤙🏾